Add interacivity to your simple content with ARZoom.

Amazing Features

Some of ARZoom app features that included for FREE

Unlimited Markers

There is no limits for uploading markers to the editor. Pay only for scans & for each function added.

Targeting Filters

Someones birthday? Or you have an event? Send your message directly to your audience by age, date range filters.

Free Statistics

All package owners can see the full statistics about view, marker count and balance of scans.

360 Degree image Viewer

Easily upload your 360 Degree photos to any marker. It is good for construction catalogues and flyers.

Direct Marketing Tool

You can easily add images, videos, social links, youtube links, call to action functions to your printed materials.

More Features

This is not only features that ARZoom has. For more functions try free page and 100 free scans.

Explain why it's best

With ARZoom you will not only create Augmented Reality (AR) experiences easily, you can send direct message or content to right audience. ARZoom CMS is the only one AR creating tool with build in Target Filtration module in the world.

What is ARZoom

ARZoom strengthens app user engagement, by empowering marketers and simply users with a complete and easy-to-deploy AR solution. ARZoom comes in form of an App and a CMS, allowing round-the-clock content management online.

Use ARZoom to power up your printed material with AR technology as a key attraction, vividly conveying ideas and messages to impress your users.

It's Awesome

ARZoom just for you and for your business

Your Data in Cloud

All uploaded content incl. images, audios, videos are securely saved on our cloud storage.

Daily Rewards

You can add daily rewards for your customers. And it will add loyality between you and them.

24/7 Support

We will answer for any questions about our product for day and night. Kindly ask.

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